" The Leadership Training Programs seeks to empower a new vision of leadership committed to personal and professional excellence, sustainability and service. It is by first serving others that we earn the right to lead them."

Founder & CEO

Mission Statement


The Leadership Training Programs works with organizational leaders committed to making the world a better place. It seeks to develop a new vision of leadership for the 21st century based upon the advancement of character and the development of essential “life skills.”  By discovering a higher calling in our personal and professional lives individuals can learn to transform destructive mental and emotional habits into empowering new ways of being in the world. Our passionate commitment is to work with you to create a trusting, transformational culture through open, honest, and respectful communication.

What We Do

The Leadership Training Programs offer a wide variety of seminars and workshops tailored to the individual needs of our clients. These range from one hour seminars to ongoing training series. The goal of this training is to provide high quality content, driven by the most recent research in the field of leadership training.

  • Seminars, Workshops and Key Note Addresses

            – For CEO’s
            – For Professionals, Leaders and Key decision makers in all institutions

    Executive Coaching .We provide integrative, individualized coaching for executives prepared to take their leadership to the next level. Our coaches partner with you to create a personalized development plan tailored to your goals.

  • The Leadership Training Programs offers consultations and coaching for individual and professionals in all fields interested in improving their personal or professional lives. Consultations can be arranged on a single or ongoing basis and address a wide variety of issues.

    Some topics include: leadership challenges, inspiring the vision, team building, challenging the process, conflict management, grief and depression counseling, and mindfulness practices at home and in the workplace.

    Please note: All consultations is now being offered on a no fee basis.