The Leadership Development Training

All services and trianings are now being offered on a no fee basis

The Leadership Development Training offers three venues for personal growth and development for CEO’s, business leaders and key decision makers: seminars and trainings, executive coaching and short and long term consultation.

Seminars and Training’s

The Leadership Training Progerams offers a wide variety of trainings for CEO’s, business professionals and general audiences in developing critical leadership skills for the rapidly changing corporate environment. These trainings are tailored to meet individual as well as group needs. They range from single seminars of three hours to extended series of twelve sessions. The content of the courses fall into two categories, Interpersonal and Intra-personal development.

Inter-personal Skill: Basic Competencies.

To be effective transformational agents and inspired leaders we believe every leader must become competent in four basic inter-personal skills. These include managing change, communicating effectively, energizing attention and managing conflict. To this end the Leadership Training Institute has developed four seminars to address these concerns;

  • Change Anything; Seven Steps Every Leader Needs to Know.
  • Conscious and Compassionate Communication; Speaking and Listening as an Art.
  • The Power of Now; The New Science of Getting It Done.
  • Conflict Management; Six Steps to Resolving Any Conflict.

Intra-personal Skills: Intermediate Competencies

The second group of life skills development focuses on developing enhanced self-awareness, self regulation and relationship building skills ,these include:

  • Nurturing the Self: Self Awareness and Stress Management in Corporate Environments, 
  • Energizing Teams and Group Synergy
  • Time-Task Management a New Model of Creative Decisions Making.
  • Mindfulness Training; Living and Working More Consciously In Our Daily Lives