Leadership Training Programs Vision and Mission Statement

The Leadership Training Programs works with organizational leaders committed to making the world a better place. It seeks to develop a new vision of leadership for the 21st century based upon the advancement of character and the development of essential “life skills.”  By discovering a higher calling in our personal and professional lives individuals can learn to transform destructive mental and emotional habits into empowering new ways of being in the world. Our passionate commitment is to work with you to create a trusting, transformational culture through open, honest, and respectful communication.

The underlying principles guiding The Leadership Training Programs are dynamic, civic, social and ethical ideals that translate into a heightened sense of purpose, clarity of mind and renewed professional commitment. 

The Leadership Training Programs begins with the individual yet employs the context of group, community and team as the focus and ground for self-improvement and professional achievement. Participants in the training are guided towards the realization that personal and organization excellence arise from interdependence, creativity and shared practice within a network of valued relationships.

All services and training’s are now being offered  on a no fee basis to organizations, communities, and not-for-profits.