Benefits for Executives

Coaching Essentials for Leaders

Increasing leadership effectiveness and influence through executive coaching


What makes a great leader? What makes them effective? Authentic leaders have the ability to use coaching skills to improve morale, retain their key people, provide better customer service in their organizations and experience higher productivity overall.


Our coaching program for leaders and key decision makers focuses on the development and practical application of essential coaching skills and behaviors.  Utilizing personalized, one-to-one follow-up coaching sessions, participants discuss, apply, and evaluate the positive outcomes of their new behaviors.


What the Research shows:


Results and Outcomes

  • Increases support of others in taking focused and purposeful actions
  • Increases the organization’s productivity, growth, business results and long term profitability
  • Accelerates team performance and productivity
  • Establishes an environment of trust that supports the development and accomplishments of the people they manage

Program Delivery Options

Our Coaching Essentials for Leaders program is available to individuals and organizations through a wide variety of delivery methods.

Open Enrollment Workshops
Keynote Speakers
On-Site Training
Virtual Training