Leadership Competencies



Conscious Leadership Competencies

Have the Vision, Communicate the Vision, Live the Vision, Celebrate the Vision, Empower Others Toward the Vision, Embrace New Challenges.©

These fall under nine broad sub-categories of leadership skill; Connectedness, Moral Compass, Accountability, Mindfulness, Entrepreneurial, Team Building, Branding and Marketing, Sustainability and Wellness.

Have the Vision:

  • I paint the ‘big picture’ of what we aspire to accomplish. (Connectedness)
  • I talk about future trends that will influence how our work gets done. (Connectedness and Entrepreneurial)
  •  I appeal to others to share a compelling vision of the future aligned with the highest moral standards.   (Moral Compass)
  •  I build consensus around a common set of values for running our organization. (Team Building)
  •  I help others connect their core values and life stories to the new vision. (Connectedness and Branding and marketing)


  • I value the innate worth of every individual in the organization. (Moral Compass)


  • I value the importance of preserving our environment for future generations. (Connectedness and Sustainability)


  • I understand the importance of wellness and wellbeing in the big picture.© (Connectedness and Wellness and wellbeing)

Communicate the Vision;

  • I listen without interrupting and with my full attention to everyone. (Mindfulness)
  • I actively listen without changing the direction of the conversation. (Mindfulness)
  • I communicate the good news as well as the bad news without hesitation.(Accountability)
  • I have a clear vision of what I want to say before I say it. ( Mindfulness)
  • I do not blame, shame, threaten, bully or intimidate others to get my way. (Mindfulness)
  • I communicate without using judgmental language or tone. (Mindfulness)
  • I am aware of my own mental and emotional state before I speak. (Mindfulness)
  • I recognize how I say something is as important as what I say. (Mindfulness)
  • I am aware of my own ‘perceptual bias’ when I speak. © (Mindfulness)

Live the Vision: Be the Change You Seek

  • I set a personal example of what is expected. (Accountability)
  • I follow through on the promises and commitments I make. (Accountability)
  • I treat others as I would like to be treated myself. (Moral Compass)
  • I actively listen to diverse points of view. (Mindfulness)
  • I seek to align with the inner wisdom of the heart and body. (Moral Compass)
  • I am mindful of the sensory messages I am always receiving. (mindfulness)
  • I take concrete steps to align my company with sustainable practices. (Sustainability)
  • I live and promote a healthy and enriching life style.© (Wellness and wellbeing)

Celebrate the Vision:

  • I privately praise people for a job well done.
  • I publicly recognize people for a job well done. (Moral Compass)
  • I find ways to celebrate our accomplishments. (Team Building)
  • I make sure people are creatively rewarded for their contributions to the success of our projects. (Team Building)
  • I acknowledge the importance of shared accomplishments. (Team Building)
  • I actively promote a team approach to problem solving. (Team building)
  • I actively find ways to celebrate achievements in sustainable practices. (Sustainability)
  • I acknowledge and praise ‘wellbeing’ and wellness in the workplace.© (wellbeing and Wellness)

Empower Others Toward the Vision:

  • I speak with genuine conviction ABOUT THE HIGHER MEANING OF OUR WORK. (Moral Compass)
  • I develop cooperative and harmonious relationships among the people I work with. (Moral Compass)
  • I seek ways for others to achieve work and life balance. (Wellness and wellbeing)
  • I give people a great deal of freedom and choice in deciding how to do their work. (Accountability)
  •  I support decisions people make on their own. (Accountability)
  • I help others in creating a new story which connects with their future self. (Branding and marketing)
  • I help craft new personal/professional stories that is aligned with others core values and greatness. © (Branding and Marketing)
  • I support others who bring new ideas in wellness and sustainability to our company. (Wellness and Sustainability)

Embracing New Challenges:

  •  I seek out challenging opportunities that test my own skills and abilities.(Entrepreneurial)
  • I actively seek to embrace new possibilities for both presenting and exploring deeper/transformational issues. (Moral Compass)
  •  I challenge people to try out new and innovative ways to do their work. (Entrepreneurial)
  • I experiment and take risks even when there is a chance of failure. (Entrepreneurial)
  • I search outside the formal boundaries of my organization for innovative ways to improve what we do. (connectedness)
  • I ask what we can learn when things don’t go as expected. (Accountability)
  • I take responsibility when I make mistakes (Accountability)
  • I understand and manage the change process as an organization.© (Accountability)