Light Upon Light

“Award-Winning Finalist in the Religion: Eastern Religions category, of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.” See the overview here.

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Light Upon LightLight Upon Light is a book to touch the heart and awaken the spirit. It takes the lives of some of the great spiritual masters of the last millennium, from Rumi, to twentieth century saint Darshan Singh, and illuminates their inner quests. More than simply a biography, Light Upon Light delves into their perceptions of the world, the innermost workings of their minds and the life incidents that led them to enlightenment. In this sense Light Upon Light is not about the spiritual path; it is designed to take the reader and carry them into the spiritual path, and perceive the wisdom of the masters from within. Using meditation as the inner technology of the spirit, each of these masters traversed the inner landscape of the spirit and through the power of the Divine Word or Light of God achieved spiritual liberation.

While author Andrew Vidich PhD has exemplary academic credentials, he writes from the heart and calls the reader to a direct experience, a “felt sense” of the core of these masters’ teachings. This is a book to be treasured by both long-time spiritual students, and those new to the great masters of the path.

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Love is a Secret

Love Is A SecretIn Love Is A Secret, there are numerous well-known poems and quotations intertwined throughout the chapters. The reader will surely be lead by hand and by heart on an enriching, wondrous journey of knowledge toward love, which is the core offering of this book.
– Priscilla Hedges, Journal of Sufism

Love Is A Secret is inspiration in tone rather than scholarly, yet it clearly rests on an intense and far-reaching search for a deep understanding of the essence of love. In bringing these materials together in a single book, it provides a great service.

– Nola Lewis, The Institute of Noetic Studies

Nothing quite like this moving, passionate book has ever been written before. It educates us to sublime levels of experience that are completely missed in our conventional educational systems; levels of experience essential to making us fully and completely human.
– Network Magazine