Changing Anything

Changing Anything: Seven Steps Which Every Leader Needs to Know

Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune Five hundred company, a medical professional, educational leader or entrepreneur of a startup company, knowing how to create and sustain change is essential. The reality is change is inevitable and cannot be stopped. The only question is what direction the change is going. As leaders of any organization change and innovation must be directed, managed and nurtured to see lasting positive results. Through a powerful seven step approach leaders can learn how to master the change process in themselves and move their organization steadily forward. In this seminar participants will become familiar with the necessity of a right vision, the process of prioritization, regularity and habit, the implementation process, patience and perseverance, seeing the end in the beginning and the art of adjustment, and flexibility.

Through experiential exercises, contemplative practice, quiet reflection and interactive discussion participants will be guided to a deeper understanding of themselves and the process of nurturing change.

Program Objectives and Goals:

As a result of taking this program, the program participants will:

  • Understand the essential role of a transformational leader
  • Learn the science of prioritizing goals and putting first things first.
  • Realize the effect of conditioned, habitual and reactive thinking on developing positives habits
  • Understand the implementation curve and change process as a cyclical process.
  • Develop resiliency, moment to moment patience and perseverance.
  • See the end in the beginning through recognizing the power of thoughts, words and deeds
  • Learn the art of continuous adjustment and flexibility as an inner dynamic

Main Activities:

  • Participants will brainstorm the qualities of effective leaders and identify the essential vs non essential character traits.
  • Participants will analyze the importance of prioritization and the necessity of setting specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals with a specific time frame to each goal.
  • Participants will identify how all action is governed by the law of habit. By inculcating positive habits even the most challenging goals can be successfully implemented.
  • Participants will role play various implementation “weaknesses ” and “hurdles” in the change process and identify inner strategies to redirect them to your advantage.
  • Participants will review the power of patience and ways to inculcate inner forbearance to achieve lasting results in any endeavor.
  • Participants will explore the process of predicting the results of one’s thoughts, words and deeds before thinking saying, or doing them.
  • Participants will understand the secret to all successful implementation of change is the ability to adjust and adapt to the rapidly changing economic, political and social circumstances that often undermine or force one to alter one’s course of action.

Time: 4 sessions; 1.5 hours each.

Format: 25 Lecture, 25 experiential 25; interactive questioning and 25 quite reflection

This can be expanded to a six week or seven week series.