Corporate Life Skills

Corporate Life Skills Development

Workshop and Training Description and Overview

The Power of Now: Being Present and Staying Present in the Moment

This workshop will focus on the importance of developing inner concentration and sustained focus in the present moment. Participants will learn the art of not succumbing to distraction and inattention no matter the degree of stress we are experiencing. Most people suffer from lack of sustained attention or what some have labeled “incompletionitis.” It is the disease of not finishing anything we start. Perhaps no disease is more widespread in our contemporary society. Its symptoms are the inability to maintain focus for long periods of time, giving only part of our attention to the task or dwelling on the past or future excessively. The results of this lack of focus are poor quality work, low productivity and personal confusion and lack of happiness. More importantly on the personal level it may result in agitation, lack of inner peace or needless conflicts with others.

Some of the skills which will be developed are:

  • Learning how to stay centered and “alive” within oneself.
  • Learning how to stay focused and centered in the living moment.
  • Learning how to give each person or task our undivided attention.
  • Increasing our Learning how to increase the length and quality of our attention span.
  • Developing a solution oriented approach to problem solving by not overly dwelling on the past or worrying about the future
  • Developing diligent commitment to one’s task or goals on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.


Conscious and Compassionate Communication Training

In this four-part series we will explore the secrets of communicating more consciously and compassionately in our personal and professional lives. Through a practice of self-awareness and perceptual clarity, participants will learn the importance of clear intention and judgment free communication in our interaction with others. Participants will focus on the importance of emotional self-awareness as a critical step in becoming more conscious and compassionate communicators. Finally, by understanding the role of active listening and judgment-free communication participants can deepen the healing process in themselves and others. The six steps to Conscious and Compassionate communication which we will explore are:

  • Developing perceptual clarity
  • Developing emotional self-awareness
  • Understanding the nature of intention
  • Moving beyond judgment based communication
  • Recognizing and understanding the power of thoughts
  • Changing destructive listening and speaking habits.

Conflict Management in in Our Personal and Professional Lives

Essentials for understanding the nature of conflict and qualities required to deal with conflict effectively.

  • Understanding the nature of conflict
  • Compassionate listening skills
  • Separating the people from the problem.
  • Getting all the facts not jumping to conclusions
  • Communicating non-violently
  • Identify underlying needs
  • Looking for Win/win solutions

Building Effective and Efficient Teams

This workshop focuses the value and importance of team work and team-playing in the corporate and educational fields. It encourages leaders to place a high value on team process including active listening skills, non judgmental communication, clear role assignments and reflective process. It helps those already conversant with team playing to develop an appreciation for diversity, difference of opinion and perspective. It helps leaders see the importance and need for flexibility, prioritizing agendas and the skill of being able to see the end in the beginning of every endeavor. Finally, it helps build in inter group dynamics through and value the power of group intelligence.

  • Seeks to improve team process and it’s importance
  • Stresses and helps builds the value of diversity and difference of opinion in teams
  • Helps build innovation, creativity and flexibility
  • Stresses the need to see the end in the beginning and plan accordingly
  • Helps teams recognize a priori “Group intelligence” is usually greater than any single individual intelligence All Other Things Being Equal

Time/Task Management and Effective Decision Making:

Essential Ingredients to effective time/task management

  • Understand the value of time
  • Realize we can only live in the living present
  • Do one thing at a time wholly and solely
  • Keep the mind occupied in something meaningful that furthers your life goals
  • Re-prioitizing one’s values, goals and aims.
  • Create an action plan with “SMART GOALS” i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time specific

Additional Trainings and Workshops for Professionals

  • The Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership
  • Leadership Training in the Work Place: The Servant Leader Model
  • Stress Reduction and Stress Management in Corporate and Educational Environments