Energizing Teams

Energizing Teams and Creating Group Synergy

No one in the business world can afford to doubt the value and importance of team work and team-playing in the corporate and educational world.  By learning the power of inter group dynamics  including active listening skills, non-judgmental communication, clear role assignments and ongoing self -reflection leaders can learn to harness the innate capacities of individuals in a group setting. Through a simple guided process leaders can learn to utilize diversity, difference of opinion and perspective in building creative and empowered teams.  By encouraging flexibility, prioritizing agendas and utilizing group intelligence leaders can harness the inherent synergy in any group of individuals.

  • Seeks to improve team process and it’s importance
  • Stresses the value of diversity and difference of opinion in teams
  • Helps build innovation, creativity and flexibility
  • Stresses the need to see the end in the beginning and plan accordingly
  • Helps teams recognize a priori “group intelligence” is usually greater than any single individual intelligence All Other Things Being Equal