Heart Centered Leadership

Heart Centered Leadership Training.

Offered by the Leadership Training Institute

The Soul-centered leadership approach focuses on two main components of leadership development: a) the intra-personal development of the moral, ethical and spirit-centered character to meet the global challenges facing our world today;  b) Developing the inter-personal skills based competencies required to be effective agents for change in the interdependent and complex world of today’s learning organizations whether they be schools, not for profits or corporations. Both these components are mutually interdependent and work synergistically together. The Heart -centered leader leads by example, inspiration, communication and untiring service to the cause of making a difference in the lives of others. The Heart -centered leader lives for others and in the service of others without concern for personal power, reward or recognition.

Intra-Personal Moral and Ethical Qualities of Soul-Centered Leadership:

The basic premise of this approach recognizes that while we have made significant advances intellectually and scientifically our spiritual development is woefully inadequate to meet the growing global demands of our interdependent and interconnected world we live in. We need to develop all aspects of our being including, physically, mentally and spiritually but first is the “conscious realization” of who we truly are as human beings. This means a critical first-hand inner investigation into the nature of our own being. Through deep ongoing self-analysis and self-introspection and direct contemplative and meditative practice, leaders can realize the essential skills and character to be effective leaders. Both these practices aim at building leadership that rests upon universal ethical, social and civic principles and the fundamental reality of human oneness. The core human traits to be developed include: integrity/truthfulness, humility/vulnerability, compassion/empathy, generosity/service, Self-discipline and Self-control/purity, and non-violence in thought word and deed. The two core practices include meditation and contemplative practice, self-awareness and self-analysis techniques, which are incorporated in all the sessions.

Inter-personal Skill based Competencies. These are seven core skills all leaders must possess in order to be effective as a transformational agents and soul-centered leaders.

1) Conscious and compassionate communication skills

2) Time-task management or the art of putting first things first

3) Team-building and collaboration

4) Knowledge of the change process

5) Effective decision-making training  

6) Core relationship building.

The Six sessions would include one training from each of the intra and inter-personal skills. For example, the first workshop includes Compassion and empathy training coupled with Conscious an Compassionate Communication skills. The two core practices include meditation and contemplative practice, self-awareness and self-analysis techniques, which are incorporated in all the sessions.

Intra-Personal Skills

  • Compassion/ empathy Training;
  • Generosity / service Training
  • Humility and vulnerability Training
  • Integrity and Truthfulness
  • Non violence and non injury
  • Self-discipline and Self-control/purity,

Inter-personal Skills Training

  • Conscious and Compassionate Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of the Change Process
  • Team Building and Collaboration Training.
  • Time task management and decision making
  • Core relationship building
  • Effective decision-making