Interpersonal Skills

Heart Centered Leadership Training.™

Inter-personal Skills Part II

The Heart Centered Leadership Training™ focuses on two main components of leadership development in the corporate and educational institutions.  First, developing the inter-personal skills required to be effective agents for change in the fast-paced and stress-filled world of today’s business environment. Second, increasing our level of self awareness and self regulation in our day to day work world.  Both these components are mutually interdependent and work synergistically together. 

Inter-personal Skill based Competencies

To be effective transformational agents and inspired leaders, every leader must become conversant and competent in enhancing their self-awareness, self regulation and relationship building skills. To this end the Leadership Development offers three seminars to meet these essential needs.

  • Nurturing the Self: Self Awareness and Stress Management in Corporate Environments
  • Energizing Teams and Group Synergy
  • Time Task management a New Model of Creative Decisions making