Non Violent Communication

A Course in Heart-Centered Leadership


This Introductory Workshop Series will give people in Community Groups, Religious Groups, Social Change Groups, Coop Boards, Tenant Groups, Musical Groups, NGOs, Non-Profit Boards, Business Execs, Managers and Employees the tools and awareness to manage and resolve conflict, effectively address ongoing arguments, and minimize the frustration level that keeps many groups from enjoying their work together and achieving their goals. Workshop attendees will develop the skills needed to build more understanding, effectiveness, community, creativity and solidarity in their groups.

Are you:

Frustrated by meetings that seem to always get bogged down by conflict and concerned that your group’s goals may be impeded if things don’t get resolved?

  • Discouraged about your group’s ability to find strategies that everyone can agree on? Be excited by?
  • Concerned about the way some people in your group speak to others and by the emotional intensity that sometimes occurs?
  • Wanting more fun, inspiration and harmony in your working relationships?

This nine part Introductory Workshop Series introduces and supports the integration of the communication concepts and skills known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The Series utilizes the introduction of concepts in conjunction with a variety of interactive formats including Role-Playing, Interactive Video & Audio Activities, One-on-One, Small Group and Large Group Activities.

Workshop participants will learn to distinguish modes of thinking and speech that contribute to frustration, disconnection and ineffectiveness. And they will develop skills to:

  • effectively address conflict
  • open up “dead ended” communications
  • effectively address ongoing arguments
  • break up political log-jams,
  • move from anger and frustration to constructive requests
  • create more connection and communication in any interaction

Areas covered include:

  • Recognizing and Understanding the Components of “Life-alienating” and “Life-connected” Language and Thought.
  • The Role of Feelings and Needs in all relationships
  • Hearing “No” and Saying “No”
  • Surfing Intensity (relating to somebody who is experiencing high levels of emotion)
  • Translating and addressing Other People’s Judgments
  • Translating Our Own Judgments into Constructive Action Requests
  • Critical Examination of Political and other Language in the Media
  • Understanding and Transforming Enemy Images
  • The “value” in Needs Based Strategies
  • Needs Based Management

What’s different about this training?

This program addresses the underlying causes and characteristics of judgment and anger, “right-wrong” thinking and other forms of “life-alienating” language and thought. It is not for the faint of heart! We are asking ourselves to change how we see ourselves and one another. Participants will learn to express themselves openly, honestly and effectively without having to “be nice” or repress their true feelings.