Nurturing the Self

Nurturing the Self; Self Awareness and Stress Management in Corporate Environments.

Today’s hectic fast paced business world demands that leaders and business professional be in control of themselves and their environments.  Study after study reveals the most successful leaders all have high levels of self-awareness and high EQ or emotional-intelligence. By staying positive, non-reactive and solution oriented even in the midst of intense stress or crisis, leaders can inspire confidence, trust and commitment in others.  What is the secret? Inspired leaders have found by taking the time to connect within themselves and tap unlimited inner resources they can reduce and eliminate stress.  By staying present in the moment, and putting things in perspective leaders can learn to act in their own and others highest interest. Through a simple five step approach each of us can learn to nurture ourselves and redirect even the most challenging of situations in positive directions.

Some of the key elements of this series includes;

  • Staying present in the moment
  • Taking time for inner recharging
  • Putting things in perspective
  • Adjusting to changing circumstances.
  • Seeing the end in the beginning
  • Act in our own highest interests.

This can be offered as a single 3 hour seminar or series of four session.