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Seminars & Workshops for Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations

Statement of Purpose


The Leadership Development seeks to develop well rounded leaders whose moral, ethical and spiritual capacities, life skills and vision will be able to meet the demanding challenges of running an educational or non-profit organization. This training is designed to help educational religious and non-profit organization develop a clear, concise and specific purpose, articulate their mission and vision statement while training their leaders and aligning their resources to meet the challenges facing non-profit organizations in the new millennium.

It is designed to integrate three levels of training simultaneously Life Skills Basic Training, Character Development Training and Community Building Training for newly developing organizations. Its primary goal is to develop and refine the vision and mission statement while building capacity and skills in its leadership. The basic training module includes Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership Training, Team Building and Diversity Training, Goal Setting and Prioritizing, Trust and Service Training and Conflict management Training.

Please Note: All Workshops/Seminars Are Now Offered on a No Fee Basis

  • The Servant Leader Model: Learning to be of Service as Professionals
  • Sustainable Leadership; 5 Keys to Integrity
  • The Secret of Vulnerability; Getting Out of the Way to Get it Done
  • Understanding the Power of Acceptance
  • Transforming the Workplace through Forgiveness and Compassion

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