The Power of Now

The Power of Now: The New Science of Getting Done.

Effective leaders know that nothing can every get done without sustained concentration and follow through. In this series, participants will focus on practices which help develop greater  concentration and sustained focus in the present moment. Participants will learn the secret of not succumbing to daily distraction and inattention no matter the level of stress we are experiencing.  Most people suffer from two diseases: firs,t lack of sustained attention or what some have labeled “bifurcated attention,” and second, ” incompletionitis.” The first is an inability to stay focused on anything for a sustained period of time.  Its symptoms are agitation, lack of focus, giving only part of our attention to the task or dwelling on the past or future excessively.  The second is the disease of not finishing anything we start.  The results of these two “inner diseases” are poor quality work, low productivity, lack of attention to detail and job dissatisfaction. More importantly, on the personal and professional level it may result in agitation, restlessness, fear and worry and constant and needless conflicts with others.

Some of the skills which will be developed are:

Program Objectives and Goals;

  • Learning how to stay centered and “alive” within oneself.
  • Developing focused attention  in the living moment.
  • Learning how to give each person or task our undivided attention.
  • Increasing the length and quality of our attention span.
  • Developing a solution oriented approach to problem solving by not overly dwelling on the past or worrying about the future
  • Developing diligent commitment to one’s task or goals on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. 

Time: 4 session; 1.5 hours each.

Format: 25 Lecture; 25 experiential 25; interactive questioning and 25 quite reflection