The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes: Six Steps to Resolving Any Conflict  

Resolving conflict in our personal and professional lives not only brings renewed trust and understanding but also revitalizes the creative juices for personal and business growth and development.  Contrary to popular beliefs conflict is actually a necessary ingredient to change and positive transformation.  It can help us refine our listening skills, clarify our challenges and identify specific long and short term needs. By looking for win /win solutions and learning how to avoid judgment based communication we can learn to skillfully not only resolve conflict but transform it into a positive force in our personal and professional lives. Essentials for understanding the nature of conflict and qualities required to deal with conflict effectively.

  • Understanding the nature of conflict
  • Separating the people from the problem.
  • Getting all the facts and not jumping to conclusions
  • Communicating with compassionate  and non-violently
  • Identifying underlying needs
  • Looking for win/win solutions

This can be expanded to a six week or seven week series.